Tuesday, February 16, 2010

San Fran: Day 4

Up early again, although more tired than the day before. Part of that was probably lack of proper nutrition. We tried to eat on the cheap by only eating one meal at a restaurant a day. The rest was english muffins and pbj's.

We started off by going through Golden Gate Park. There is a big list of things you shouldn't do there.With the most important, at the bottom:

I wandered around the Japanese Tea Garden for a while.

A pretty tree:A zen garden designed by some famous zen garden architect guy. That'd be a fun job.

Peace lantern:Some temples:

Bonzai trees hundreds of years old:

Some herons in the water:

Then off to the DeYoung Museum. Across from that was the Academy of Science, notice the grass roof:

And this neat outdoor theatre:

Inside the museum: Some art I liked:

My favorite was the room with all the "illusion" art in it. Lots of really nice little still-lives...

And this crazy thing...

Sort of grotesque, but from across the room, I thought it was real.

Here I am getting attacked by a giant safety pin. You gotta love Claes Oldenburg:


And these guys, that I feel like I've seen somewhere before...

A tiny, tiny little hummingbird:

That night we stayed at Glenda's friend's apartment to save a little money (even though the hotel was only $45 a night. Thank you Priceline!) We went back there and watched 30 Rock online and played Quiddler (like scrabble played with cards) until late, late, late.

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