Tuesday, February 16, 2010

San Fran: Days 1 & 2

I took a mini vacation last week to see my friend in San Francisco. I almost canceled the trip when the weatherman said it was going to rain the whole week. But, it was sunny almost every day! Yay! I *heart* California. We bought this thing called a City Pass. It got us admission to five attractions and free Muni transportation.

I left my house at 2:30 am to catch the shuttle to the Minneapolis airport. Got to the hotel in San Fran at about 10:30, California time. Glenda showed up at about 11:30. It was gloomy that first day and I was super cranky from lack of sleep. But I felt better once we started sightseeing. We started off at the California Academy of Sciences. They have an indoor rain forest.

And there was a red parrot that I kept looking at me and saying hi.

And when you leave, you have to check yourself for butterflies, since everything is just flying around in this dome.

Then we got to walk through a tube under the rain forest.

Can you find the seahorse?

Later we went to the Castro to buy some groceries and met up with Glenda's friends at a wine bar.

Day 2:

We went down to Fisherman's Wharf.

That seemed to be the place where all tourists hung out. And this guy:

It felt like spring there and all the flowers were blooming. It was a nice change from the winter weather at home.

We had our fortunes read by Zoltar. But I didn't wake up the next morning to get an awesome job at a toy company.

We took our Blue and Gold Adventure Cruise off Pier 39. It went around Alcatraz...

And under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Glenda ate too much taffy before the boat ride and this is how she felt afterwards:

We had dinner that night at a 50's diner. We were the only people in there.

Loooong day!

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