Friday, August 7, 2009

Bad hair, yarn and buttons, Oh my!

I've had a lot going on lately. First off, I got a horrible haircut. The salon I went to was recommended by a friend who had heard good things about it. It's a really cute little place, all funky with artwork everywhere. I totally thought I'd found the perfect salon. My hairdresser was supposed to be the person for funky, asymmetrical cuts so I more or less gave her free reign. I told her I wanted some light bangs, emphasis on light. What did I get? Well, see for yourself...
Indeed I am all bang. And as you can see they are crooked. This was supposed to be on purpose although it's not quite asymmetrical enough to make it look like anything less than an accident. I should have known when she brought out the hairdryer after about 15 minutes. It usually takes 45 to cut my hair. She didn't even touch the top or sides, I had to do those myself when I got home. This picture is after I cut about 2 inches from my scraggly sideburns. There were lots of tears involved but I've managed to part the bangs to the side and they don't look too bad. The real problem now is that it has no body because the haircut was so incomplete. Oh well. I'm still deciding if I can live with it or if I want to spend another $40 (yes, this monster cost $40) to get it fixed. All I can tell you is that I will never, ever get my hair cut in Wisconsin again.

So on to happy, fun stuff!!

I finished spinning the 8 ounces of alpaca I got at the Alpaca Festival. It's all plied and washed and delicious. It's the softest stuff ever. I think I have about 200 yards and I want to find the prettiest scarf to make out of it. I'm thinking something lacy since cables don't show up too well on fuzzy yarn.

Or maybe a nice hat...

It makes my haircut more tolerable at the very least.

It was rainy all day today so Howie and I went shopping! First stop was the library, which I guess isn't really shopping. I got a few knitting books (of course) and then off to Borders to use my 40% off coupon where I got... more knitting books! Ok, actually I got a book on color in spinning and another about Van Gogh and Gauguin.

And what shopping trip would be complete without hitting a resale shop or two? We went to Hope Gospel, which is totally my favorite of the bunch. I found an awesome wire basket (half off!), some buttons, and a jar to put them in.

Here is a selection of my favorite buttons of the day:

I'm using the basket to hold yarn, in the hopes that seeing it everyday with inspire me to use that up before I buy more.

I think it may be working because I've started working on a scarf made from some bamboo/silk yarn I've had for at least a year.

Oh yeah, and there is this awesome owl Howie found for me a few days ago, with a necklace I made.

Who says rainy days can't be fun?