Tuesday, February 16, 2010

San Fran: Day 3

We woke up early the next day after staying up late the night before. I was sore from walking so much in ballet flats and decided to look like a dorky tourist and wear my running shoes the rest of the time.

The second day we went to Alcatraz.

There's a cardboard cut-out of a guard in the lookout tower.

The laundry room:


Recreation yard:

Barred windows:

Solitary: (I went in there and it was super creepy. The other cells didn't bother me, but there was bad mojo in these. I just wanted to get out.)

Some upper-level cells:

The library: Totally the nicest place there. The sun was coming in. I wouldn't have minded having a cell across from the library. Apparently neither did anyone else. They were considered some of the best cells in the whole place.

A typical cell layout: Notice the crochet!


This would be my cell, yay art! I don't know.. books, crochet, free meals, accordion, painting... this prison sounds like my kinda place. Of course, the toilet is preeeety close to the bed...

Breakroom for the guards:

An Alcatraz rainbow!

View from outside: nice..

Breakout attempt! Heads made from soap, chisel of spoons, up a shaft and out.. Never heard from again...

The kitchen: silhouettes of knives so they'd know if one was missing...

And outside again.. some plant-life:

Back to Fisherman's Wharf. It wouldn't be San Francisco without a trolley!

Next stop: Aquarium of the Bay. My favorites: the jellyfish!

Another tunnel under water:

Me in a bubble:

Later that night we went to walk the Golden Gate Bridge but it was after dark and it was closed. But here is the nastiest bathroom in San Francisco:


  1. Oooh, prison doesn't sound so bad. I suppose I would miss my husband though.
    I love aquariums!! Someday, can we go to Chicago and go to the shedd? I think that's how it's spelled. I love that place¡

  2. You guys could be like bank robbers together or something and go to jail together. :p

    Totally! I haven't been to Shedd Aquarium in about 10 years. They have a Chicago City Pass, too.