Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tour of Altoona (and Beyond!)

I've been wanting to go around and take pictures of town, but it's been cloudy for 2 months. The sun actually can out today so here you go. This is for everyone who hasn't been up here yet. First I had to bundle up against the cold, Wisconsin weather. Hurray for knitwear!
Here is the ever popular Altoona Family Restaurant. Even the seagulls have to wait in line.Then there is the Just Local Foods Co-op:And Tangled Up in Hue (they sell art and handmade stuff, yay!) and Yellow Dog Knitting.

The antique shop and the budget theater.

The bookstore, which has a really nice little sitting area upstairs, and Infinitea Teahouse.

The river and some randomness:Then we went to Chippewa Falls to see the Christmas lights. It was pretty cool. The pictures didn't really work. You'd have to see for yourself. Come visit! You know you want to!


  1. Hilarious!! I love the horseshoe thing -- was that at Carson park or at Hobbs? Love, Love, Love my rivers! I have to hang downtown more, didn't know Crossroads had a hangout upstairs!

    Lois (who is making the chullo hat right now)

  2. Hehe, it was totally at Carson Park. It looks like they still use it, too. I'm SO going to see a horseshoe tournament sometime!

  3. i've not seen much of the US, but that looks exactly how i'd imagine a town in wisconsin to look...