Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buttons, candy and snow!

This was a busy "makin' stuff weekend". Of course, none of the stuff I made was for Christmas presents. I'm still only half-way through making my Christmas cards... finishing those is on the agenda for tonight. Unless I get distracted making Dorset buttons! I just found out about these yesterday and they're totally addictive! I want to make buttons, pins, earrings, everything! out of them. Here are the four I made since last night.

So watch out, they might be coming your way this Christmas because I can't stop making them.

And I made this painting of a brick wall. I can't say more about that just yet.

Last night Howie and I got a gingerbread house. It was the messiest thing ever. The frosting came dry in a bag and had to be mixed. Well, I don't have an electric mixer and it felt too thick doing it by hand so I added a little extra water. Yeah.. it pretty much melted everywhere. Baubles slid down window panes, the doorknob fell to the ground and the door tried to melt off the face of the house. I'm not even going to mention the avalanche of roof "snow"... yeah. It was everywhere. But I think it turned out pretty decent. I just had to keep pushing things back into place until the frosting hardened. But, trust me, you don't want to see the back of the house. I had a lot of extra candy bits and just stuck them all back there. It looks like a candy monster threw up all over. I'm totally looking forward to eating it, though.

Speaking of snow, we had a HUGE snowstorm here about a week ago. Here is a picture of our neighbor's car, just to give you a little taste of Wisconsin in December.

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  1. uh, sarah, i dont think i see your neighbors's car....are you sure its there? i love the BUTTONS! oooh, i want to touch them!!! how do you make them? i want you to show me!! anyway, mama misses you and wants you to come home...soon...i miss mommy-daughter time..:p love you too much...mamma