Sunday, December 6, 2009


It does not feel like Christmastime. The stores have had the Christmas decorations out since before Thanksgiving (so wrong!) but it just doesn't feel right. Maybe it's the lack of snow or because they just don't really know how to decorate up here, I don't know. I put the Christmas XM station on tv and dug my decorations out of the stinky basement.
Since we've moved to a bigger apartment, it seems like I have a totally inadequate amount of decorations. And I'm too cheap to buy more. Mostly I just put up my tree. It's barely over 6 feet, but I put 1250 lights on it. I think it could still use more near the top but ma says it's a fire hazard.

My tree isn't exactly uh... traditional... Here are some ornament highlights:

And then there's the tree-topper, which is a dog angel wearing red velvet and leopard. Oh yeah!


  1. great ornaments! is that rainbow brite that i spy?