Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Howie! Goodbye Metrodome!

This is a little late, but here it is none-the-less. October 12th was Howie's birthday. The big Three-Oh. Since we moved up here we talked about going to see a Twins game at the Metrodome. They built a new stadium so this was our last chance to see them play there. We never really got our act together and missed the last game. But we got a second chance when the Twins went into the post-season. So I got tickets for Howie's birthday to see the Twins play the Yankees. It ended up being the Twins last game ever at the Metrodome.

Howie got stuck sitting next to Yankee fans (BOO!) so I couldn't help asking this kid to stop so I could take his picture as he walked by:

The Twins lost pretty horribly, but it was a fun night anyway. We did the wave, ate cracker jack and there was even a crazy fan who ran out onto the field. He actually made it to the fence on the other side, but he couldn't get over before the guards got there.

Oh yeah, and did I mention it SNOWED on Howie's birthday? Everyone assures me it "isn't normally like this" up here. I've been hearing an awful lot of that.

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  1. your da wants to know if you hear Moses when you light up your tree...your tree looks HOT! i am glad we dont have to pay your electric bill....yes we are decorating just for you, so be sure you are here on Christmas morning...miss, ma...P