Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall is here!

Today is a yucky, rainy day and it's COLD! And since it's Thursday, I met up with Natalie at the coffeehouse for some knitting. She was on her laptop working on her roller derby team she's starting, but I got some serious knitting done. We were there for four hours. I knit almost the whole foot of my sock and finished the pair. Yay! I'm so ready to start something else. This pattern was pretty boring and there were lots of purls, which hurt my fingers.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, although I should have done an afterthought heel or something. I don't like the harsh line that was formed from doing the heel flap and I totally knew it was going to do that going in. Oh well. They're still super bright and happy!

So I'm going to do some sewing today or decorate for HALLOWEEN or maybe work in my "studio". It's a stay-at-home kinda day. I should probably finish this painting I started last year. I've been working on it and there isn't too much left. I'm hoping to sell it when I'm done. If anyone will have it.

Last time I was working on it, I left the door open while I rinsed out a jar and when I went back in my cat (May-May, of course) was up on the table. I freaked out when she jumped down thinking she'd have paint on her paws and would track it all over the apartment. I picked her up to check her paws and didn't see anything and then she turns her face to me and it's covered in orange paint. She'd licked it and then licked her face and it was just all over. I was freaking out, trying to wash it off, which wasn't working because it's oil paint. Meanwhile I'm yelling at Howie to call the vet, thinking she's going to start foaming at the mouth or something. She didn't eat much, just a little lick, and they told me to watch her for two days and to wash the paint off with Dawn soap. They use it on ducklings from oil spills so I guess it's ok. She hated me for a while after that, I can tell ya.

And on a totally unrelated note, I was looking in my fridge for a lemon and I checked the "dairy" bin, which we never use, and I found a little surprise:

That's where the garlic went. So I planted it and it's grown like 5 inches in a week. Crazy stuff. I guess I'm going to get a whole bulb for each little sproutling I planted. Yay!


  1. hi baby, its mamma...your blog on grandma makes me weepy...but it was sooo goood! i LOVE the cat pic...very sure and call me when you get the package i sent...should be there 2morrow??? love you toooo

  2. pretty socks! if only i could find vegan-friendly yarn in colours like that. did i miss something? what's the pattern?

    also, Love the garlic. i'm on the case...