Friday, October 9, 2009

Chair Barf and Mustard

I haven't been able to knit in a week. I think it's tennis elbow. Everything hurts it. I got a strap that's supposed to help, but it doesn't really. Yesterday I had to go to the yarn shop to get some yarn for a yarn swap I'm doing. Some mustard-colored yarn lured me into buying it, knowing perfectly well I wouldn't be able to make anything right away and it would just be sitting there taunting me. It's torture.

So instead of knitting, I've been reading books on knitting and working on some designs, which can't go very far without being able to knit swatches for them. Grrr.

To try to take my mind of knitting completely, I decided to finally recover my kitchen chairs. Every time you'd sit on them it would barf out some stuffing. It was definitely time. Blaaarrrggg...

I bought the fabric forever ago on *clearance!* Yay! I even ripped one of the chairs apart about a year ago and had the new padding all cut and sitting on top of the board. We don't get many visitors (maybe because our chairs barf on them?) so it was easy to just leave them like that. But enough was enough! I'm self-taught with a sewing machine and I didn't feel like pinning lots of stuff so I did it my way, but I think it came out pretty decent. I still don't understand how people can sew something straight to something curved and have it not come out a little bumpy, but whatever. Here it is, in it's slightly bumpy glory:

And it's mustard yellow! Hurray!

I also made these earrings while watching tv last night. I can only watch so much tv without some sort of project... usually knitting. Grrr.

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  1. dude! sucks you can't knit, but at least you're still getting creative. looking forward to seeing the knitting patterns that emerge from this period of reflection...