Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mini Minnie Roadtrip

Howie and I have been looking for a new car for a while. He got his current car back in 2002 (used) and it has a ton of miles, is leaking transmission fluid and oil and the serpentine belt is cracked. So today we rented a car and drove to Farmington, MN to look at this Subaru he's had his eye on. It has 105,000 miles, which is just a baby in Subaru years and it looked pretty good. The price was right, so he got it! Yay! I got to drive it home. All 2 hours of it. Kinda scary in a new car, but I totally feel comfortable in it now. Then we stopped at Red Robin and ate 2000 calories worth of food, but who wants to cook after 4 hours in the car all day? I'll just have to run 20 miles tomorrow to make up for it.

It's a hatchback with fold-down seats for the bikes. Yay! I think we're going to drive up to a state park tomorrow and go biking if the weather is as nice as it was today.

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  1. My,my! Look at that shiny new car!!! Very nice...I am glad you have a new ride...momma misses you both...I am getting a pre-Halloweenie box together to send ya'll...I will let you know when it's in the mail!! Wheeeeee!! xoxo Momma