Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flea Flowers

My foot is almost all better but I tried to stay off it this weekend. Driving around to garage sales didn't seem like it would do any harm and I got some awesome stuff. The flea market in town was supposed to be having a big sale but it mostly sucked. I did get this, though:

I don't know what it is about these old metal enameled flower pins but I love them. And they're usually super cheap, which is a plus. The fabric backdrop is actually a score from another garage sale. It looked like all clothes from the road but I felt called to stop at it. The table was full of fabric! Yay! Cheap 75-cents-a-piece fabric! I got a big ol' stack.

And I got some cool old wooden spools at the flea market...

And I made this little guy with my leftover handspun and sock yarn. Every time I see him sitting there knitting, it makes me so happy :) It's really hard for me not to just make a thousand of them. Maybe just one more...

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  1. ha,ha,ha! mama loves your little knitter...hee,hee! miss you, baby....:(