Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Year to DAZZLE!

My friend and I have been referring to this year as our year to DAZZLE! So I have decided to take a giant leap of faith.

As you may already know, my boyfriend and I broke up before Christmas, but due to our financial situation, we had continued to live together. It was confusing and weird to live like that, and so about a week ago I quit my job and made the temporary move to my parents' house. All I brought was about a week's worth of clothes and most of my art supplies. I've decided to dedicate the month of March (and maybe a little beyond) to making art and working on my portfolio. I'm signing up to be a substitute teacher to see how I like teaching. I'm just following my heart and doing what feels right from now on. This is going to be a time of self-discovery and renewal. My year to DAZZLE!

Here is a picture of my humble sunroom studio:

And totally unrelated is a yarn swap package I sent out to my lucky swap partner:

Complete with handmade sheep buttons:

And I hope my blogs to come are full of art and creations. :)

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